Harvest 002 - Case of 8
Harvest 002 - Case of 8
Harvest 002 - Case of 8
Harvest 002 - Case of 8
Harvest 002 - Case of 8
Harvest 002 - Case of 8

Harvest 002 - Case of 8

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Come with us on a honey adventure!


From cherry orchards to the Black Forest to the woodlands around Berlin, this Honey Box brings you four unique honey varietals from Germany! 

With tastes and aromas ranging from mint to marzipan and vanilla, these honeys will give you a true German experience!

Harvest 002 brings the following varietals:

  • Acacia: German Acacia 
  • Cherry: Sweet Cherry Blossom
  • Linden: German Basswood
  • Silver Fir: Black Forest Honeydew Honey

Germans are big honey consumers and they take it very seriously. We partnered with the Lang family: pioneers of the organic movement in Germany, educators, beekeepers, and bee lovers who dedicate themselves to promoting sustainable practices.

Their motto: organic beekeeping is an active form of environmental protection!

The honeys in this box come directly from their hives to your table! Enjoy them on tea and coffee, fruit and cheese, or on a true German Brotzeit!

Our Honey Box is a perfect gift for food lovers and home chefs. Give this to someone and watch their reaction after they experience what different honeys can offer!

You will never see honey the same way again...



 *The jars contain each 4oz of honey. The total honey content is one pound.


These honeys are:

  • Certified Organic
  • Raw
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural
  • No additives or flavoring
  • Single-Origin


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