Honey Pails - 60 lbs

We carry some of the most wonderful honey varietals also in 60 lb pails! If you are looking for high quality, fairly priced honey you are in the right place!


If you are interested in purchasing, please send us an email to bulk@beeseasonal.com mentioning what honey you would like to buy and we will quote a delivery price for you.


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Buy Bulk Organic Angico Acacia Honey

Angico Blossom

$235.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Angico-Vermelho (Parapiptadenia rigida)

Taste: slightly tropical

Aroma: fruity, slightly floral

Color: light-colored, golden (varies with the harvest) 

Harvest season: October, November, and December

Origin: Brazil

Aroeira Blossom

$235.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Aroeira (Myracrodruon urundeuva)

Taste: marshmallow, rose hip marmalade, dried fruits

Aroma: nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper, anise

Color: dark-colored, brownish-red

Harvest season: July, August, and September

Origin: Brazil

Eucalyptus Blossom

$235.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Eucalyptus sp.

Taste: butterscotch, toffee caramel

Aroma: toffee, lemony

Color: golden yellow

Harvest Season: February, March, and April

Origin: Brazil

Buy Bulk Organic Angico Acacia Honey

Marmeleiro Blossom

$235.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Marmeleiro-do-Mato (Croton sonderianus)

Taste: citrus fruity, waxy

Aroma: floral, slightly fruity

Color: straw-like, yellow gold  

Harvest season: beginning/middle of rain season January, February

Origin: Brazil

Melato Forest Honey

$250.00 + Shipping

Main Source: Honeydew from Bracatinga ( Mimosa scabrella)  

Taste: molasses, caramelized sugar 

Aroma: earthy,  sugar cane-like, musty

Color: dark red, brownish

Harvest Season: every two years, from February to July

Origin: Brazil

Wildflower Blossom

$215.00 + Shipping

Main Source: Blend of honeys from Brazil

Taste: Floral, herbaceous, propolis-like

Aroma: Very aromatic, herbal

Color: Reddish, light amber

Harvest season: Beginning of the wet season: October, November & December

Origin: Brazil

Conventional Honey

Orange Blossom

$240.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Sweet Orange (Citrus x sinensis)

Taste: sweet, flowery

Aroma: slightly fruity, orange blossoms

Color: straw, extra light amber

Harvest season: February, March

Origin: Mexico

Mesquite Blossom

$235.00 + Shipping

Main Floral Source: Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa)

Taste: sweet, waxy, tobacco

Aroma: waxy, woodsy, tobacco

Color: light yellow

Harvest season: February, March

Origin: Mexico

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