Bee Seasonal honey


All our honeys are harvested following organic and natural methods.

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I received my honey gift from my daughter for Christmas. I am overwhelmed at the love I have felt with the story of these beautiful people and the honey they make! This has been a healing and joyful addition to my lifestyle!

Marianna Newman

Bee Seasonal Honey is perfect for so many things! Use for gifts, charcuterie boards, or in tea & coffee and on your English muffin. It's perfection!!

Lindsey Westwood

I am a honey lover, and I have every single item that is sold on this website. They all taste so amazing and SO different from one another. Thank you for your services!

Megan Piper

This honey is a MUST for any charcuterie board. The owners are amazing and the packaging is unmatched. I never miss an opportunity to brag on this amazing honey that is included in EVERY box I sell!

RVA Cheese Girl

We absolutely LOVE including these amazing honey flavors on our boards - we encourage our clients to build flavor profiles to wow their taste buds!

Grazing Theory
Organic Wildflower Honey - 60lbs.

Organic Wildflower Honey - 60lbs.

Regular price $200.00
Harvest 001 - Organic Honey Gift Set

Harvest 001 - Organic Honey Gift Set

Regular price $26.00