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We are Larissa and Thomas, founders of Bee Seasonal®, and we want to share our story with you!

 Ethical Honey Brands

Honey, Sustainability and Community 

Food has always been something that connected us to each other and to the world. Everything having to do with food represents a cultural act, and we love learning about new cultures.

One specific food is very familiar to us all, and it is amazing to see how different people treat it differently depending on where they live. We are talking about honey.

Larissa first noticed that after spending half of her life in Europe, where she experienced the way Europeans consume honey. Supermarket shelves stock seasonally available honey varietals from around the world. The immensity of flavors, colors and textures always amazed her. Traveling back and forth between Europe and the United States she noticed the differences when it comes to what is available in the US and how people think about honey and beekeeping. 

We get excited about stories of sustainably harvested honey, socially engaged beekeepers and all the amazing different honey varietals that exist. We believe that there are more people like us out there!

Beekeepers inspecting a hive - Direct Trade Honey


Our beekeeping system is in dire straits.

Consumers want lower prices while the demand for honey demand is increasing. Natural nectar sources are being replaced with mono crops which need pesticides to thrive and pollination services put different honey bee populations in contact, spreading diseases.

We believe consumers need to learn that our irresponsible ways are leading to the collapse of our beekeeping system. And we, as consumers, are the most powerful force that can demand change. We need to start asking some very important questions: Who harvests our food? How do they harvest it?

We also believe that consumers are interested in variety and would love the opportunity to try new products brought to them in a seasonal, transparent and sustainable way. 

The best honey is the pure, clean, sustainably harvested honey.

 Honeybees and combs full of honey

OUR MISSION: Ethical Honey Brands

Our mission is to source organic honeys from beekeepers devoted to their bees, their communities and the land. We want to generate transparency by connecting consumers to producers, educating people about sustainable farming practices and the places where the honeys come from



  • To always be loyal and transparent
  • To always trade directly
  • To always pay above market prices for their honeys
  • We will always share their stories
  • We will always treat the honeys they work so hard to harvest with unconditional respect



  • To bring only the best, organic, raw and unfiltered honeys to the market
  • To provide educational material about honey, bees and beekeeping
  • To teach about the places where the honeys come from and the people who harvest them
  • To provide some of the most amazing sustainably harvested honeys from around the world


To the bees, without whom none of this would be possible, we promise to only work with those who respect and try to understand them. 

 Bee carrying pollen and foraging for nectar


Larissa & Thomas