Brunch Board German Style!

Sedona Inspired Cheese Board Platter With Organic Honey
This is such a delicious platter to serve on a Sunday morning to enjoy with family. It would also be perfect for Christmas morning. We decided to SHOW OFF THE rainbow of HONEY by serving them in small bowls, to highlight their unique colors and textures! Two of them are runny and two of the honeys are extra creamy! We filled this board with 4 different cheeses, olives, radishes, cherry tomatoes, semi-soft boiled eggs, salami, toasted bread, and seeded crackers. To bring some freshness to the combination we added physalis (which pair beautifully with our new Linden honey), blackberries, raspberries and cucumber (it wouldn’t be German-inspired if it lacked the cucumber)! Cheese and charcuterie boards are part of daily life for many Germans, especially Bavarian’s. Breakfast style boards are often times simple and rustic, but almost always include bread, butter, all the fixings and of course HONEY!  ⁣
Inside the box, you’ll find 4 unique honeys from across Germany: Acacia (runny, straw-colored,) + Sweet Cherry Blossom (creamy, deep gold) + Linden ⁣(extra creamy, almost white) + Silver Fir (runny, dark amber) ⁣


Sedona Inspired Cheese Board Platter With Organic Honey
Sedona Inspired Cheese Board Platter With Organic Honey


Remember: always use sustainably sourced honey!
It helps communities and the environment.


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