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  • Color

Light colored, golden.


  • Aroma

Fruity, tropical blossom, slightly floral


  • Taste

Gummy bears, tropical fruits, pineapple, mango


  • Primary Taste



  • Texture

Sliky, with thin consistency


  • Finish

Medium finish with a lingering tropical aftertaste


  • Harvest season

October, November and December


Waterfall in Paraná - Angico Honey

Waterfall in Paraná - Picture by Victor Carvalho


  • Biome: Centro Paraná – Between Hills and Rivers

Harvested from sub regions of the Atlantic Forest, our Angico Brazilian Acacia Honey comes from the south region of Brazil, more specifically the center of Paraná State. This region is characterized by a temperate climate with no dry season, warm summers and frequent frosts in winter. Atlantic moist forests, prairies and transitional vegetation cover the countless hills and grow along the many rivers that run through this region. Abrupt elevation variation creates many waterfalls. This rough terrain is not very suitable for agriculture and therefore one can still find many protected areas. Angico trees can grow up to 70 feet.

  Angico - Parapiptadenia rigida

  • People

Originally the area was inhabited by native tribes. European occupation started during colonization by the Portuguese. Agricultural opportunities encouraged immigration from people from all over the world. The main ethnicities nowadays are descendants of Germans, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians, Polish, Natives and others.

 Angico - Parapiptadenia rigida - Brazilian Acacia Honey

  • Environmental issues

These moist forests have been reduced in area by 87 percent (SOS MATA ATLÂNTICA 1998). Illegal timber extraction and forest conversion into agricultural lands represent a large threat to the future of these forests because they possess fertile soils that are attractive to agricultural interests.


A curious thing about natural honeys from the acacia family is that they take a long time to crystalize, with some honeys actually never getting to that point. Our Angico will eventually crystalize, but it will take a few months.





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