Aroeira - Brazilian Pink Pepper Honey

Bee Seasonal Brazilian Pink Pepper Honey

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  • Color

Dark colored, brownish-red


  • Aroma

Nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper, anis


  • Taste

Marshmallow, rose hip marmalade, dried fruits


  • Primary Taste



  • Texture

Smooth, with a medium consistency


  • Finish

Medium finish with a vanilla undercurrent


  • Harvest season

July, August and September.



 Cerrado in Minas Gerais


  • Biome: Cerrado – Birthplace of Brazilian Waters

Our Aroeira honey comes from the Cerrado. A biome which accounts for a full 21 percent of Brazil's land area. The Cerrado's climate is typical of the rather moister savanna regions of the world, with a semi-humid tropical climate. The Cerrado is limited to two dominant seasons throughout the year, wet and dry. Characterized by enormous ranges of plant and animal biodiversity, World Wide Fund for Nature named it the biologically richest savanna in the world, with about 10,000 plant species and 10 endemic bird species.


  • People

Cerrado: It is the least populated region and has the second lowest population density. For this reason, it presents some urban concentrations and great demographic vacuums. The regional settlement only began when the development of the Southeast gave rise to a strong consumer market for livestock and agriculture in the southern part of the region. The main activities are agriculture, raising of livestock, mining and fuel/charcoal production.


  • Environmental issues - Ethical Honey Brands

Burning of the vegetation for charcoal, beef cattle, single-crop monoculture plantations (particularly soybeans).

While the Cerrado is a major, species rich habitat, it is not currently recognized by the Brazilian Constitution as a National Heritage. The government has protected 1.5% of the Cerrado biome in Federal Reserves. One issue with expanding this reserve is that research needs to be done to choose the location of these reserves because the Cerrado biome is floristically very heterogeneous and constitutes a biological mosaic.


Cerrado under threat!

Cerrado under threat! 

The Cerrado is being threatened by human activities 


  • Curiosities about the plant and importance of beekeeping

Aroeira is a tree well known due to its pharmacological properties, being considered one of the main medicinal plants of the region. During the flowering period its canopy is completely leafless, covered only by flowers. Its inflorescences form small, fragrant curls with yellow flowers, which produce nectar in abundance that attract many species of native bees. The organic honey produced through the aroeira nectar is tasty and much appreciated by all. In addition to the nectar, the male flowers have showy anthers that provide pollen to the bees. The resin, derived from bark lesions, is also collected by bees. In the dry season, a period with few floral resources in the caatinga, plants like the aroeira are fundamental for the feeding of the bees. This has a significant socio-economic impact, since beekeepers can harvest their product even in times of severe drought. Due to its melliferous characteristics it is indicated the planting of seedlings in areas of conservation and breeding of bees.





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