Our Partners in Brazil: The Breyer Family

The Breyer family has a long beekeeping tradition. In 1965, Henrique's father helped founding the Technical School of Apiculture. More than 3,000 people from Brazil and abroad were trained there. The Technical School stimulated the development of beekeeping at local, regional and national level, showed its economic importance and, finally, contributed to the development of environmental preservation policies.


Beekeeping certificates, diplomas and awards hang on the wall.

Their company is an example of how a private institution can help the communities and the environment. It is not rare to see school and excursion busses parked in front of their building, where they have a museum dedicated to beekeeping education, with all the equipment and even an observation hive. Every week, students, from kindergarten to university level, come together to learn about the importance of pollinators and their interaction with flowers, the economic potential of beekeeping and the importance of environmental protection. They also have incentive programs for university students that want to do research in bee related topics.

Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic Beekeeping!Henrique Breyer admires the observation hive at their beekeeping museum.

Breyer believes that the interaction between private and public institutions through education is a key factor in order to promote environmental protection while generating economic benefits for the communities. They have been certified organic since 2002 and, along with their own hives, they coordinate more than 500 beekeeping families, which are integrated into their organic program.  

                Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic Beekeeping

Breyer's program helps many families. This is Floriano.
Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic Beekeeping
Casimiro and his wife. They have been working with Breyer for decades.


Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic BeekeepingHenrique checking some of the hives.

Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic BeekeepingDaniel Breyer. Third generation leading the family business. 

Their reach in Brazil allows for harvests of the most diverse organic honey varietals, from south to north, and east to west. 

Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic Beekeeping
Every batch is analyzed to assure the highest quality and purity.
Bee Seasonal Promotes Organic Beekeeping

At the end of the day, family is always there.

We are extremely proud of being partners and friends with Henrique, Dani and their wonderful family. Together we will do our best to bring you some of the best organic raw honeys Brazil has to offer!

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