Highland Wildflower Honey - 60lbs.

Highland Wildflower Honey - 60lbs.

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60 LBS. - 5 Gallons


Main Floral Source: Wildflowers of the Altiplano Central

The Honey

This is a typical honey from the highlands in central Mexico

  • Color: yellow, extra light amber
  • Aroma: Clean, waxy
  • Taste: Waxy, floral
  • Primary Taste: Sweet

What is the origin of this honey?

When spring comes to Mexico, sun-drenched expanses of the volcanic mountain slopes on the plateau of the Altiplano Central begin to bloom. It is at this time of the year that beekeepers bring their bees to gorge on the colorful, fragrant splendor of flowers such as the mozote and acahual. Other popular flowers with the bees are the jamarao, perilla and aceitilla.

The combination of these wonderful, exotic flowers gives the incomparable taste of Mexican highland honey, balanced but with a floral note.