Summer Rolls with Peanut Honey Sauce

Summer Rolls with Peanut Honey Dipping Sauce

I just love this snack or quick simple lunch! My good friend Hannah from New Zealand would make the tastiest Summer Rolls with peanut dipping sauce. She lived in Melbourne for many years and said much of Australia's cuisine is strongly influenced by Asian flavors. You can really fill the rice paper with just about anything your heart desires. We typically like to stick with fresh veggies and tofu but I've been known to add freshly sliced mango and edamame or flakey salmon. Making your own homemade dipping sauce is super simple, and when using organic pure peanut butter and organic honey is much cleaner and healthier then any store-bought version. Aroeira honey adds the perfect amount of sweetness to match with the nuttiness of the peanuts and umami flavor or the soy sauce.


Servings: up to 4 people

Cooking time: 30 minutes


Ingredients for peanut butter honey dipping sauce:


Ingredients for the summer rolls:

  • 4 pieces of rice paper
  • Warm water for the rice paper
  • 1 medium carrot, julienned
  • 1 small cucumber, julienned
  • ½ yellow bell pepper, julienned
  • 4-5 radishes, sliced
  • A handful of spicy radish sprouts
  • 8 oz of tofu
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sesame oil for cooking, about 2 tbsp

Summer Rolls with Peanut Honey Dipping Sauce


  1. Start with the dipping sauce. Stir the peanut butter with honey and about 2 tbsp of water until creamy. Add in the soy sauce and sriracha. If it’s too thick, stir in the rest of the water. Always taste your sauce to make sure you have all flavors. Add any kind of ingredients if needed.


To make the summer rolls:

  1. I recommend making each roll at a time, so you won’t have any trouble with the rice paper. Also, prepare all the ingredients before you start to make the rolls.
  2. Fry the tofu on medium-high heat with sesame oil until slightly browned on each side. Cut them into the strips.
  3. Fill a large pan or baking sheet with warm water. Place one rice paper at a time for 5-10 seconds, according to the instructions on the package. Remove immediately and put on the cutting board. Fill the rice paper with all ingredients and roll it tightly.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the rice papers. Cut each summer roll in half. Serve with peanut butter honey dipping sauce.

Summer Rolls with Peanut Honey Dipping Sauce Summer Rolls with Peanut Honey Dipping Sauce


Remember: always use sustainably sourced honey!
It helps communities and the environment.


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